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YouTube TV Agrees New Deal For The CW, NewsNation, And More

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YouTube TV has agreed a new deal with Nexstar Media Group to carry The CW Network, among other channels. The deal, which expands on an existing arrangement that was already in place, helps to ensure that more YouTube TV subscribers across the country are able to access their CW-affiliated television station.

Channel owners and live TV providers routinely renegotiate deals over channels. In some cases, those negotiations fail to be agreed on, resulting in the channel(s) being removed from the service — as was recently seen with fuboTV and CBS. In most other cases, however, deals are agreed and ensure that subscribers don’t encounter any interruptions to their service or channel lineup.

That is now the case with The CW after YouTube TV and Nexstar agreed a new deal. While the financial terms of the agreement were not announced, the deal is a multi-year agreement, confirming that The CW won’t be leaving YouTube TV anytime soon.

The CW deal is actually part of a much larger distribution agreement with Nexstar covering the launch of 59 stations in total. The wider agreement includes 29 CW-affiliated television stations and 26 MyNetworkTV affiliates, as well as four independent stations in Chicago, Washington, D.C., Oklahoma City, and Baton Rouge.

In addition, the agreement also covers NewsNation. While YouTube TV subscribers already had access to NewsNation, the latest agreement ensures that’s the availability of the channel won’t be changing in the near future.

Lastly, the agreement also protects access to 40 CBS-affiliated stations owned by the company. As is the case with NewsNation, this multi-year deal ensures that all of the CBS-affiliated stations owned by Nexstar will continue to be available to YouTube TV subscribers.

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