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YouTube TV Suffered A ‘No Network Detected’ Issue Today, But It’s Now Fixed

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YouTube TV subscribers using a living room device, such as Apple TV, encountered an issue today which stopped them from accessing the app. In fact, the issue wasn’t just for YouTube TV but also the main YouTube app as well. Either way, the issue is now understood to be fixed, so affected subscribers should once again be able to access both YouTube and YouTube TV on all of their devices.

The problem began a little earlier today and basically resulted in the subscriber being locked out of the service. Those affected would typically see a loading or no connection message when attempting to access the service. For example, a ‘no network detected’ warning message on Apple TV.

It is worth noting that those already using the YouTube TV app before the issue surfaced remained unaffected by the problem.

According to YouTube, the issue has now been fixed and all subscribers should once again be able to access the service without encountering the network problem. A support post describing the issue doesn’t really explain what happened, but does confirm that it specifically affected living room devices, including smart TVs, Roku players, and Apple TV devices.

For any one that is still encountering the issue, it might be worth attempting to restart the YouTube TV app to see if that resolves the problem. If not, maybe try restarting the living room device to see if that helps.

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John Finn

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