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YouTube TV Warns Of Potential Tax-Related Price Increase


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YouTube TV has emailed existing subscribers to advise them of an upcoming internal change that could result in an increase to the price they pay each month for their live TV package.

To be clear, YouTube TV itself is not increasing prices, nor suggesting that it will. Instead, the emails that have now gone out explain that it is upgrading the internal system that it uses to calculate additional costs, including taxes and fees.

Due to this change to the system, YouTube TV is warning that it is possible that an adjustment could be made to the amount an individual subscriber pays for their live TV plan.

As this is a tax-related change, it will only affect subscribers in states that currently charge tax on a YouTube TV subscription. Even then, there’s no guarantee that an adjustment will be made in those locations, or that an adjustment will automatically result in a higher monthly cost.

Instead, YouTube is simply warning of the possibility following the change to its internal system. If, for example, a subscriber is already paying the correct tax on their subscription, then the system change shouldn’t matter, and the subscriber is unlikely to see any difference to the price they pay each month.

According to the email, the change to the system will begin rolling out on June 15, so this is likely to be the first time that existing subscribers start to get an idea of whether they are affected. If they are, YouTube says that they can expect changes to their billing to be reflected in their account by July 29.

At any time, existing subscribers can check whether they pay tax and how much by navigating to the Billing section of their YouTube TV account.

To access this section on a computer or Android device:

  1. Click/tap on profile picture
  2. Select Settings
  3. Click on Billing

For reference, the current cost of a YouTube TV subscription is $72.99 per month following the most recent price increase. That is the price excluding tax, so if that’s all you are paying, or you have yet to receive the email, then it is possible that the change might not apply to your subscription at all.

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