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Multiview Goes Live For YouTube TV & YouTube WNBA League Pass Subscribers


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WNBA League Pass subscribers through YouTube and YouTube TV now have access to Multiview, allowing them the option to stream more than one game at the same time on the same screen.

Over the past few months, YouTube has been readying the full release of Multiview in time for the start of football season. To begin with, this involved allowing some YouTube TV subscribers access to the feature during March Madness.

Since then, support has slowly expanded to more users and for more content. Last month, for example, YouTube expanded Multiview support to include business news, weather, and Deportes.

Now, support is being expanded once again. This time, YouTube has confirmed that Multiview is now compatible with WNBA League Pass, allowing subscribers the ability to watch more than one WNBA game on the same screen at the same time.

What’s additionally notable here is that this announcement was made by the TeamYouTube social media account (instead of the YouTube TV account). That’s important as it’s not just YouTube TV subscribers that have gained the new Multiview support, but YouTube users as well.

While WNBA League Pass can be added to a YouTube TV subscription as a premium add-on, it can also be subscribed to without YouTube TV, as a standalone subscription through YouTube Primetime Channels.

As far as we are aware, this marks the first time that Multiview support has actually been extended to the standard YouTube service.

In spite of the expansion, Multiview continues to be limited in other ways. Most notably, the use of curated feeds instead of the ability to choose exactly which feeds are added to Multiview.

YouTube says that the use of these curated feeds is to offer “a better user experience” and that it is “working to improve flexibility and introduce more options within multiview in the future.”

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