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DirecTV Adds Another Six FAST Channels


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DirecTV has added another batch of FAST channels to its lineup. DirecTV has been greatly expanding its FAST channel lineup in recent months, and the latest batch includes another six free, ad-supported channels for subscribers to watch.

The new DirecTV FAST channels are:

  • FailArmy (Ch. 4301)
  • Family Handyman (Ch. 4367)
  • Horror by Alter (Ch. 4221)
  • Love Nature (Ch. 4470)
  • Players TV (Ch. 4190)
  • The Pet Collection (Ch. 4721)

As these are FAST channels, they are available to all DirecTV customers at no additional cost and can now be accessed directly through the live guide.

The new channels follow the addition of a selection of Lionsgate FAST channels in June, including Ebony TV, HerSphere and MovieSphere. Even earlier in June, DirecTV added another batch of channels, including Poker Go, Racing America and Women’s Sports Network.

In April, and thanks to partnerships with Cineverse and Scripps Networks, seven more FAST channels were added to the lineup, including The Bob Ross Channel, Court TV and Dove Channel.

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