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DirecTV Agrees Deal To Show MLS Games In Bars And Restaurants


Apple TV MLS Season Pass

Following Apple’s MLS deal, Major League Soccer games will continue to be available to watch in bars, restaurants, hotels, and other commercial establishments thanks to a new deal with DirecTV For Business.

Apple agreed its deal with MLS in 2022, with a view to taking over the worldwide broadcast rights for the next 10 years starting in 2023. Since then, the soccer-specific service has been announced as MLS Season Pass and the subscription is now available through the Apple TV app. As the deal was for home use, it remained unclear what would happen in terms of the commercial rights to broadcast MLS matches.

That concern now appears to have been cleared up, as DirecTV For Business has struck a deal to become the nationwide provider of MLS Season Pass to businesses and commercial properties in the US. According to the announcement, MLS Season Pass through DirecTV For Business will not only include all of the regular season games, but also the 2023 MLS All-Star Game, the Audi MLS Cup Playoffs, and Leagues Cup.

As the name suggests, DirecTV For Business is different to DirecTV’s residential services in the sense that it is designed to provide live TV and pay-per-view services to large and small businesses. For example, a similar deal for Thursday Night Football was agreed between DirecTV and Prime Video last year, bringing football games to more than 300,000 locations.

Those same sports bars, restaurants, hotel lounges, casinos, retail shops, as well as many other venues nationwide, will now have access to MLS matches thanks to the latest deal with Apple.

The announcement seems to be part of a much wider announcement between DirecTV and the service industry. Earlier today, The National Restaurant Association announced a five-year partnership with DirecTV For Business that’s designed to “help restaurants and bars offer a better customer and employee experience.”

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