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Frndly TV DVR Guide: How To Record And Manage Recordings


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Frndly TV offers a DVR making it possible for subscribers to record movies, shows, and more. However, the DVR is not available to all subscribers and does come with some additional limitations. Here an overview of what you need to know about the Frndly TV DVR, including how to record content and manage recordings.

The first thing to be aware of with Frndly TV is that the DVR is not included in the cheapest live tv package. Frndly TV plans start at just $6.99 per month with the Basic plan. While a very good option for those wanting to save on the cost of live TV, the basic plan does not include any recording support.

Frndly TV
Frndly TV GuideFrom $7.99/month
40+ channels
Up to 4 streams
Unlimited DVR (select plans)
7-day free trial

Instead, access to a DVR is reserved for those subscribed to either the Classic or Premium live TV packages. The Classic plan costs $8.99 per month while the Premium tier increases the cost to $10.99 a month.

While both of these plans do include an unlimited DVR, they both limit how long recordings can be kept for. If signed up to the Classic plan, subscribers can only keep recordings for a maximum of three months. If subscribed to Premium, recordings can be kept for a maximum of nine months.

How to record on Frndly TV

As mentioned, Frndly TV does include access to an unlimited DVR so it is possible for subscribers to record as much content as they like. The easiest way to record a program is to set the recording up through the live guide.

Whether accessing Frndly TV via one of the platform apps or the website, simply click on the Guide tab at the top. The user can then browse the live channels in the guide to find the program they want to record. Once found, click on the guide listing and then on the Record option to schedule a recording.

Frndly TV Record in Guide
Schedule a recording in Guide

If the program is a show or there are multiple episodes available, Frndly TV will ask whether the user wants to Record This Episode or Record All New and Repeat Episodes. Simply select one and click on Confirm.

An alternative way to set up a recording is through the search function. Like most streaming apps, Frndly TV subscribers can search for specific titles by clicking on the Search icon (magnifying-glass) and then searching for the title.

If the title is available and shown in the search results, click on the program to visit the individual program page. The user will then have the option to Start Watching (or Watch Now if it is a movie), Favorite, and if available, Record.

Frndly TV Record button
Frndly TV: Record button

Simply click on Record to set up the recording. By default, this method tends to result in all episodes being recorded if recording a show, so users may need to adjust this setting through My Stuff if they only want to record a single episode, or use the previously described live guide method.

How to manage Frndly TV recordings

All recordings can be accessed directly through the My Stuff section of the Frndly TV app and website. This section not only includes recordings but also anything that’s been favorited as well.

Frndly TV lists recordings in this section based on their type. For example, the more recent recordings will show up under Just Recorded while older ones are likely to be listed under Recorded Movies A-Z or Recorded TV Shows A-Z.

Frndly TV My Stuff Recordings
Frndly TV: recordings in My Stuff

Depending on the age and genre, recordings can also be found in Recorded Documentaries, Recorded Reality TV, and Recordings Expiring Soon sections.

Clicking on one of the titles will bring up a smaller window showing additional information about the title, including the option to Delete Recording.

If it is a one-off recording, such as a movie or single episode, the user will need to click on Confirm after clicking on Delete Recording to actually delete the recording.

If it is a show with multiple episodes recorded, clicking Delete Recording will offer the option to Delete This Episode, Delete All Recorded Episodes, or Delete All & Cancel Future Recordings.

Frndly TV delete episodes
Frndly TV: delete episode options

After selecting one of these options, the user just needs to click on Confirm to complete the deletion.

In some cases, clicking on the title will take the user to the program page where they can view all of the episodes that have been recorded in the past. Once here, they can click on the trash can icon to delete an individual recording.

Frndly TV Delete episode trash
Frndly TV: add episode to trash

After clicking on the trash can icon, they will then need to click on Yes, delete to confirm the program should be deleted.

Frndly TV confirm deletion

While on the program page, they can also click on Recording to stop any more recordings from happening in the future.

Recordings still in My Stuff after being deleted?

In some cases, Frndly TV subscribers may find that a program they’ve manually deleted hasn’t actually left their My Stuff section.

This is most commonly going to happen when the movie or show has also been favorited. As Frndly TV uses the My Stuff section to store favorites and recorded programs, any favorited programs that have been recorded and deleted will remain in the same section.

The easier way to fully remove an unwanted program (after it has been deleted) from My Stuff is to unfavorite it by clicking on the Favorited button on the program page.

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