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fuboTV Plans Start At $75 Per Month Following Latest Price Increase


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fuboTV has increased the price of its plans marking the first major live TV streaming price increase of 2023. In addition to the higher base plan cost, homes paying for a Regional Sports Fee will see an increase in that monthly fee as well. At the same time as these price changes, fuboTV also removed the Ultimate plan as an option for new and returning customers.

fuboTV recently confirmed the addition of Bally Sports to its channel lineup. Considering the limited availability of Bally Sports channels in general, this additional was a notable one, and especially for sports fans. While no increase in price was announced at the time, one appears to have already been in the works, and has now taken effect for new and returning subscribers.

As of January 6th, 2022, fuboTV increased the price of its Pro and Elite plans by $5 per month. Following this change, the cost of the Pro plan increased from $69.99 to $74.99 per month. Likewise, the cost of the Elite plan increased from $79.99 to $84.99 per month. For reference, the Jan. 6 change currently only affects those signing up to fuboTV for the first time or returning to the service. For those that are already signed up to one of these plans, their price will increase on their next billing date, either on or after February 6th, 2022.

While the Ultimate plan wasn’t impacted by the price change, fuboTV has removed the most expensive fuboTV plan as an option for new subscribers. Instead, fuboTV has now replaced the Ultimate plan with a new Premier tier that unlocks access to 215 channels for $94.99 per month. While $5 cheaper than the previous Ultimate plan, it does offer fewer channels overall. Notably, it is missing the Sports Plus add-on.

No matter which plan a home is signed up to, it is also worth noting that fuboTV has increased the price of its Regional Sports Network fee as well. This additional fee only applies to homes in areas where an RSN is available, and the exact price now ranges between $11 and $14 per month depending on how many RSNs a home gets access to.

New RSN fee cost:

  • 1 Regional Sports Network = $10.99/month
  • 2 or more Regional Sports Networks = $13.99/month

Again, this fee is on top of the monthly fuboTV plan cost and is non-optional. It affects any subscribers that are signed up to a live TV plan that includes at least one Regional Sports Network and the fee is automatically applied to the monthly bill. Essentially, the cheapest fuboTV plan is now expected to cost up to $86 for homes that have access to one Regional Sports Network and up to $89 per month for plans that include more than one RSN.

At these new prices, fuboTV is now a relatively expensive streaming service, considering many of the competing options offer live TV plans at a cheaper monthly price. Then again, the live TV streaming landscape is likely to continue to change as 2023 continues. DirecTV Stream has already confirmed that its prices are increasing later this month. At which point, DirecTV Stream’s cheapest Entertainment plan will cost $74.99 per month, the same price as fuboTV’s cheapest plan in 2023.

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