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Google TV Users Can Access NFL Sunday Ticket Content From The Home Screen


Google TV NFL Sunday Ticket Integration

Google has confirmed that NFL Sunday Ticket content from YouTube and YouTube TV will be fully integrated into Google TV for users in the U.S. This is good news for those that plan on paying for the premium NFL subscription.

Google TV continues to evolve as a platform and is a particularly good option for those highly invested in Google’s wider ecosystem. Google TV also offers access to a live experience that includes more than 800 live TV channels. Speaking of which, 25 new free channels were also added today.

Along with the new free channels, Google announced that Google TV is getting a fairly big NFL injection, thanks to the integration of NFL Sunday Ticket. As Google explains, “This means you can now access live out-of-market Sunday afternoon games, see top highlights and get recommendations for top games of the week, all right on your Google TV home screen.”

In addition, those that are signed up to NFL Sunday Ticket through YouTube TV will also be able to see NFL Sunday Ticket games listed directly in the channel guide on the Live tab, adding the option to launch specific games without having to first open the YouTube TV app.

Obviously, this increased football integration is only really going to be of benefit to those that are signed up to NFL Sunday Ticket. If now considering a subscription, the cost starts at $349 or $449, depending on whether signing up through YouTube TV or YouTube.

Up until the start of the football season, however, YouTube is offering a $50 discount on Sunday Ticket, taking the total down to as low as $299 for YouTube TV members and $399 for YouTube users.

Discounts are also available through a number of third-party companies as well, including Frontier, Verizon, and Xfinity. This is in addition to the option to save up to $200 on NFL Sunday Ticket when purchasing an eligible TCL TV with Google TV.

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