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How To Cancel A Frndly TV Subscription (Or Change Plans)


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If you’re currently a Frndly TV subscriber but looking to cancel your plan, the subscription can easily be canceled through the website. It is also possible to downgrade the subscription if you just want to lower the amount you spend each month on live TV.

Compared to other live TV streaming services, Frndly TV is one of the cheapest around. Its Basic subscription costs just $6.99 a month and unlocks access to more than 40 live TV channels. For those wanting a richer experience, including access to a DVR, the Classic plan costs $8.99 a month while Premium costs $10.99 a month.

Regardless of which Frndly TV plan you are subscribed to, it is not possible to cancel Frndly TV directly through any of the smart TV apps. Even though the mobile app does include a Cancel subscription option in the settings menu, it is not actually possible to cancel a subscription within the mobile app either.

Instead, the app will direct the user to cancel their subscription through the Frndly TV website. With that in mind, it is just easier to cancel the subscription through the website to begin with.

How to cancel Frndly TV

Follow the instructions below to cancel a subscription directly through Frndly TV.

  1. Visit Frndly TV
  2. Sign in, if required
  3. Click on Settings (cog icon in upper right corner)
  4. Click Cancel Subscription (under Active Plans)
  5. Click Cancel Plan to confirm cancelation

Once you’ve confirmed you’d like to cancel your subscription, Frndly TV will likely ask you why you are leaving. Simply select one of the options and then click on Proceed. Lastly, click on Yes, Cancel Subscription to fully and finally confirm cancellation of your Frndly TV subscription.

Once canceled, you will still be able to continue watching Frndly TV until the end of your current subscription period. As a result, the subscription won’t fully be canceled until the date when your next payment was due to be taken.

How to cancel Frndly TV through Roku or Amazon

It is worth keeping in mind that this above process only works for any subscriptions that were originally created directly through Frndly TV. In other words, subscriptions that were started either through the Frndly TV website or one of the apps.

If you created the subscription through a third party, including Roku and Amazon, then it is that third-party company that manages the subscription. This means you will have to also cancel the subscription through that same provider.

Cancel Frndly TV on Roku

  1. Head over to your Roku account
  2. Sign in, if required
  3. Select Manage your subscriptions (under Manage account)
  4. Select Frndly TV (under Active subscriptions)
  5. Click on Turn off auto-renew

As is often the case, you will likely need to choose a reason why you are canceling the subscription. Once a reason has been chosen, click on Continue to cancel the subscription.

Cancel Frndly TV on Amazon

  1. Head over to the Amazon website
  2. Sign in, if requested
  3. Click on your profile (top right corner)
  4. Click on Account (under Your Account)
  5. Click on Your Subscriptions (under Manage)
  6. Select Frndly TV
  7. Turn Auto-Renew to Off

For reference, you can also use this direct link to take you directly to the Your Subscription section of Amazon’s settings, allowing you to skip steps 1 through 4.

How to upgrade or downgrade a Frndly TV plan

It is also possible to upgrade or downgrade a Frndly TV plan through the same section of the settings on the Frndly TV website. Instead of clicking on Cancel subscription, the subscriber can click on Change Plan under Active Plans.

  1. Visit Frndly TV
  2. Sign in, if required
  3. Click on Settings (cog icon in upper right corner)
  4. Click Change Plan (under Active Plans)
  5. Choose a new plan

After clicking on Change Plan, the subscriber will have the option of switching between the Basic, Classic, and Premium plans. This is in addition to switching from a monthly plan to an annual plan.

Even though yearly subscriptions cost more up front, they also offer a saving of around 15% over twelve months, when compared to paying on a monthly basis for the entire year.

Once you’ve chosen either a new monthly plan or an annual subscription, the subscriber just needs to click on Continue and then confirm that they want to make the change to their plan.

For those that are upgrading their plan, they will be issued with a prorated credit for the previous plan and then charged the difference for the new plan, which means they instantly gain access to the upgraded subscription.

If downgrading, however, the change won’t take effect until the next billing date. In other words, you won’t receive a partial refund based on the date you are switching plans.

Changing plans through Roku or Amazon

If you are paying via for your subscription via Roku, it may be possible to change your plan without having to visit the Frndly TV website.

Follow the instructions below to check if the option is available on your Roku device and to make changes to your plan.

  1. Open the Frndly TV app
  2. Navigate to Settings
  3. Select Change Plan
  4. Choose the plan you want to switch to
  5. Confirm the change

For Amazon users, it is not currently possible to upgrade or downgrade a subscription that’s billed through Amazon. Instead, these subscribers will first need to cancel their existing subscription (using the method described above) and then purchase a new one, making sure to select the plan they want to switch to.

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