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Look Back On Frndly TV: How It Works And What To Expect


Frndly TV Live Guide Section

One of the more unique features offered by Frndly TV is Look Back. This features allows subscribers to watch programming that was recently shown on live TV but wasn’t recorded. Here’s a closer look at how Look Back works and what you can expect.

Frndly TV does offer an unlimited cloud DVR and this can remove the need to worry about using a feature like Look Back. Just like any DVR, however, Frndly TV’s DVR requires the subscriber to know when something is due to be shown on live TV, so that they can set up the recording in the first place.

In addition, the DVR is only available to those signed up to the more expensive Classic and Premium plans. In contrast, Look Back is available with all of Frndly TV’s packages and at no additional cost.

Yes, even those signed up to the $6.99 per month Basic plan get access to one of Frndly TV’s best features.

Frndly TV
Frndly TV GuideFrom $7.99/month
40+ channels
Up to 4 streams
Unlimited DVR (select plans)
7-day free trial

How Frndly TV’s Look Back works

Look Back is available to access directly through the live guide. In general, Frndly TV’s Guide section works just like any other live guide, with listings showing what’s available to watch now, later the same day, and even later the same week.

Frndly TV channel guide
Frndly TV Guide

Just like any other live guide, users can check what programs are available to watch in the future by highlighting one of the channels in the guide and scrolling right. Look Back works exactly the same way, albeit in reverse.

By navigating left instead of right in the Guide section, Frndly TV subscribers can move back in time and see all of the shows, movies, and additional content that was shown earlier that day and even beyond that day.

Frndly TV’s Look Back makes it possible for subscribers to scroll back and see what was aired as far back as 72 hours before.

Once the user reaches a program they would like to watch, they can simply click on the program listing and then on Watch.

Frndly TV look back
Note the current time (upper right) and program time.

If not quite ready to watch there and then, that’s not a problem. Most programs available as Look Back versions can also be recorded, even though they have already aired.

Watching with Look Back

Once the user clicks Watch, the Look Back version of the program will begin. Oftentimes this will mean the program begins at the end of the previous program. As a result, it might not immediately begin at the start of the program you are expecting to watch.

While watching a Look Back program, it is also not possible to fast-forward. While it is possible to rewind a Look Back program, and even Start Over again, it is not possible to skip ahead. Instead, a Look Back version plays through just like the live version did when it first aired.

This also does mean that watching a Look Back version doesn’t make it possible to skip the ads breaks. Any and all ad breaks that were shown during the live version will also be shown during the Look Back version. They are the same live breaks, lasting the same length of time, and containing the same individual ads.

While users can’t fast forward, they can pause a Look Back version and even during the ad breaks. In addition, if they navigate away from the program without finishing it, they can return to it later and continue watching from where they were. This is so long as the same program is still available through Look Back.

Frndly TV Look Back Resume

Another thing to note is that Look Back doesn’t work for anything that’s currently being shown live. While Frndly TV does tend to offer the option to Start Over with most programs, this is different to its Look Back feature. Instead, Look Back only becomes available five minutes after the program has finished airing.

Another caveat to be aware of is that Look Back is also not available on certain channels and programs. While users will be able to use the feature on most of channels and programs, they may occasionally encounter one that doesn’t support Look Back.

Frndly TV Look Back vs DVR

If signed up to a Frndly TV package that includes access to the cloud DVR, then you may not be all that interested in Look Back. After all, Frndly TV’s DVR is unlimited, so subscribers are free to record as much content as they like, as often as they like.

Frndly TV DVR duplicates
Frndly TV DVR

That said, Look Back is not designed to be a replacement for the DVR. Instead, it is just a great way to watch a program that was recently shown live without having to worry about setting up a recording or finding it later in the My Stuff section.

As long as you know which channel, or what time the program was shown, Look Back is an easier and quick way to watch.

For those that do tend to DVR most programs they watch, it can also be a bit of a lifesaver in situations were you forget to schedule a recording, as Frndly TV does also offer the option to record Look Back versions.

Frndly TV Look Back Record
Look Back versions can be recorded

If recording a Look Back version, it will automatically become a recorded version. This not only means the program will remain available for up to 3 or 9 months (depending on the plan) but users can also fast-forward while playing back the recording.

Frndly TV Look Back: recap

Look Back is a highly useful feature that makes it possible for Frndly TV subscribers to watch programs that have aired within the past 72 hours. While some channels and programs don’t support Lock Back, most do.

Even though the inclusion of a DVR can offset the need for Look Back, both features serve different needs. In particular, Look Back will prove highly useful after forgetting to schedule a recording.

Considering Frndly TV’s cheapest package doesn’t come with a DVR, Look Back will also especially prove additionally useful to Basic subscribers.

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