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NFL Network vs NFL RedZone: What’s The Difference And Which Is Best?


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NFL Network and NFL RedZone are both good options for football fans, but they are very different services and subscriptions. In an ideal world, football fans would subscribe to both.

NFL Network and NFL RedZone are available as premium add-ons that can be added to various live TV streaming packages, and are most often sold together. In some cases, live TV subscribers may find they already get access to one or both as part of their existing package.

It is also possible to subscribe to both services without having to pay for a live TV package. The very easiest way to do this is with a standalone NFL+ subscription. While NFL Network is included in the $6.99 a month standard NFL+ plan, both NFL Network and NFL RedZone are included in the upgraded $14.99 a month NFL+ Premium plan.

The good news for those unsure of whether they need access to both NFL Network and NFL RedZone, these two subscriptions are very different. This makes it easiest for fans to make sure they only pay for the services they actually want.

NFL Network is best for everyday content

The big selling point with NFL Network is that it is a channel that’s completely dedicated to NFL fans, with content available to watch every day, all day, all year. This makes it a far more comprehensive service than NFL RedZone, which only broadcasts one day a week.

Not only does NFL Network offer access to exclusive live games, but NFL fans will also have access to plenty of additional football content, including Thursday Night Football, in-depth fantasy insight, breaking news, and even NFL original programming.

Put simply, NFL Network is the best all-round channel and service for fans. If you want access to NFL content, including original programming, throughout the week, then NFL Network is likely to be the best choice for you.

NFL RedZone is best for Sunday football

Unlike NFL Network, NFL RedZone only broadcasts one day a week. That said, that day is Sunday, so it is a good service for football fans to have access to.

NFL RedZone unlocks access to 7 hours of live football each Sunday and provides a way to watch every touchdown from every game, every Sunday afternoon during the NFL regular season. Unlike Sunday Ticket, NFL RedZone is more of a highlights service than an actual subscription that lets you watch full live games.

For example, when a team reaches the 20-yard line, NFL RedZone immediately switches to the broadcast of that game, allowing viewers to see what happens next in real time. Other than the red zone action, viewers also get to see highlights of other major moments during games, including turnovers, game-changing plays and scoring plays outside the red zone.

While NFL RedZone doesn’t show full games in their entirety, its octobox features does make it possible to watch up to 8 games at a time, so subscribers really won’t miss a single moment of the action from any game.

Is NFL Network or NFL RedZone best?

Neither NFL service is best with each one designed to cater to different football needs. For those simply wanting a good allrounder service to subscribe to, NFL Network is all you need. You’ll be able to watch NFL content throughout the week, including occasional live games.

If, however, you are more interested in watching live football on a Sunday, and as many games as you can, and without signing up to Sunday Ticket, then NFL RedZone is likely worth paying for. While you won’t be able to watch any games in full, you won’t miss a single moment of the action on a Sunday.

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