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Prime Video’s Thursday Night Football Gets New Features and Upgrades


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Thursday Night Football is returning to Prime Video and Amazon has now announced a number of new features and upgrades ahead of the second year of its TNF coverage.

Amazon secured the rights to Thursday Night Football back in 2021, with last year marking the first year that the company’s TNF package was available to football fans. In total, the deal allows Amazon’s Prime Video to show 15 Thursday night games and one pre-season game each season.

With the new season now underway, Thursday Night Football returns to Prime Video this week when the Philadelphia Eagles take on the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday, September 14 at 7 p.m. EDT. No matter which TNF game is being watched this season, Prime Video users can expect a number of improvements and upgrades, including native HDR picture quality and Key Plays.

In terms of the native HDR picture quality, Prime Video will now deliver TNF in native High Dynamic Range (HDR) for the first time, resulting in an improved viewing experience with greater contrast between light and dark, and more vivid colors.

As for Key Plays, this is fairly similar to the Key Plays feature offered by YouTube TV. Essentially, Amazon is using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to provide Thursday Night Football fans with the ability to view in-game highlights and key moments. These plays will continue to build up as the game goes on, with all of them immediately accessible to the viewer.

In somewhat of an extension of Key Plays, TNF’s Rapid Recap feature allows viewers to very quickly catch up on what they’ve missed when joining a game live. Rapid Recap will include up to 13 highlights that last no longer than two minutes, and are curated by the same AI and machine learning powering Key Plays.

In addition to the new features, Prime Video users can also expect other familiar features to be available again when watching Thursday Night Football. For example, Prime Vision with Next Gen Stats, which is getting an AI-powered upgrade this year, and X-Ray.

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