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YouTube TV Doesn’t Have Lifetime, But $7/month Solves The Problem

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YouTube TV doesn’t include Lifetime in its channel lineup, but it’s possible to watch the channel by signing up to a $7 live TV service. Although this $7 per month subscription won’t replace the rest of the YouTube TV channel lineup, it is an easy and affordable way to unlock Lifetime without having to actually change live TV services.


One of the benefits of signing up to YouTube TV over other live TV streaming services is the channels. A standard YouTube TV subscription unlocks access to more than 85 live TV channels, including popular networks and local channels. YouTube TV also offers a number of add-ons to further increase the selection of channels a household has access to.

Lifetime is not one of the channels included with YouTube TV’s channel lineup, and it also cannot be added to the base plan via an add-on. The Lifetime channel is owned by A&E Networks. Considering YouTube TV also doesn’t carry A&E, or any of the other related networks, it remains to be seen whether YouTube TV subscribers are likely to gain Lifetime in the future.


If in need of Lifetime, and willing to switch live TV providers, a number of options are available, and at varying price points. For example, DirecTV Stream, Hulu Live TV, and Vidgo, all provide access to Lifetime for between $55 and $70 per month. Want a cheaper solution? Both Sling TV and Philo include Lifetime in their channel lineups for $35 or less per month. For those wanting an even cheaper option, there’s Frndly TV.

Frndly TV costs $7 per month and has Lifetime

A Frndly TV subscription costs just $7 per month and unlocks access to Lifetime, making it an affordable way to gain access to the popular channel. It’s cheap enough that some homes may even find they can afford to subscribe to Frndly TV while remaining a YouTube TV subscriber. Essentially, retaining access to their existing channels and gaining access to new ones.

In total, Frndly TV provides subscribers with more than 40 live TV channels, and this is its major limitation. With less than half the channels offered by YouTube TV, and no access to local channels, Frndly TV should not really be viewed as an alternative to YouTube TV. That is unless a household only needs access to the specific channels included with a Frndly TV subscription.

Frndly TV channel guide
Frndly TV channel guide

Another limitation to be aware is the lack of a DVR. Frndly TV does offer a cloud DVR, but subscribers need to pay extra each month to unlock the recording functionality. While the exact cost depends on how long a household wants to keep recordings for, the most expensive Frndly TV plan is still only $11 per month.

A final limitation is the lack of TV Everywhere support. Unlike DVR, this is also one that can’t be fixed by upgrading to a more expensive Frndly TV plan. Without the ability to log in to the Lifetime website (or apps), subscribers are only able to watch Lifetime directly within the Frndly TV app. For homes that would prefer to have Lifetime TV Everywhere support as well, Philo is the cheapest option overall.

Does YouTube TV Have Lifetime? Summary

YouTube TV doesn’t carry Lifetime and it seems unlikely that the channel will be added anytime soon. Lifetime is part of the A&E Networks family of channels and adding one may require adding others. Mass channel additions like this could potentially result in a YouTube TV price increase. Considering YouTube TV is not exactly a cheap live TV service to begin with, it remains unclear how many subscribers would be willing to pay even more each month for the missing channels.

For those that do see value in paying extra each month to watch Lifetime, a quick and easy fix is to sign up to Frndly TV. With plans starting at just $7 per month, Frndly TV is an affordable way to gain access to missing channels. Those who also want the option to record Lifetime shows and movies will need to consider one of the more premium Frndly TV plans, starting at $9 per month. Alternatively, YouTube TV subscribers can always consider switching to a live TV provider that does include Lifetime in its lineup.

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Purchase Discovery+ . For $7.95/month you can watch all Lifetime shows, plus many other networks. Problem solved if you have YouTube TV but want Lifetime too!

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