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YouTube TV Now Has More Than 8 Million Subscribers


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YouTube TV now has more than 8 million subscribers, making it the most popular live TV streaming service around, and by a serious margin. YouTube tends not to release updated subscriber totals very often, but when it does, they tend to mark major milestones, and that is the case again today.

The last time the company provided an update on its subscriber base was back in June of 2022. At that time, YouTube TV was delivering live TV to more than 5 million subscribers. There had been a lot of speculation on the exact number since then, with some estimations pointing to 6 and even 7 million subscribers.

In a ‘letter from the YouTube CEO’ published today, Neal Mohan confirmed the number actually now stands at over 8 million. This not only makes it the largest live TV streaming service, but one of the largest pay-TV services in the United States in general.

We’re excited to announce that we have more than 8 million subscribers to YouTube TV.”

Neal Mohan, YouTube CEO

To put this number into perspective, Hulu Live TV is the next closest live TV streaming service with around 4.6 million subscribers, as of Oct. 2023. Unless Hulu saw some dramatic increase in the last three months of 2023, YouTube TV is likely to have at least 3 million more subscribers than Hulu Live TV.

Again, considering Hulu Live TV is the next closest, YouTube TV seems to be blowing the competition away in terms of subscribers.

Mohan didn’t delve too much deeper into the details, but he did state how the company has “just wrapped our first season of NFL Sunday Ticket, and it really shows the future of YouTube.” While YouTube TV in itself is not a requirement for Sunday Ticket, signing up through YouTube’s TV live TV service has previously resulted in a Sunday Ticket discount, and is likely to have helped increase live TV subscribers.

Mohan also confirmed that YouTube has now passed 100 million Music and Premium subscribers. Unlike the YouTube TV subscriber number, however, the number of Music and Premium subscribers was confirmed earlier this month.

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