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YouTube TV’s Popular 21-Day Extended Free Trial Is Back Again

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Now is a pretty good time to sign up to YouTube TV, as all new subscribers are being offered an extended 21-day free trial. Considering the standard YouTube TV free trial only lasts seven days, this is a good way to check out YouTube’s live TV service for longer than usual without paying.

It is not unusual for YouTube TV to offer three weeks for free. The live TV service routinely offers these extended free periods to new subscribers throughout the year, with January 2024 the last time a free trial of this length was on offer.

For those that missed out the last time, a new three-week free trial is now available to test out YouTube TV. While it isn’t clear how long this one will be available for, the YouTube TV website is advertising it as a way to check out this year’s Oscars. Considering the 2024 Oscars event is due to be shown live on ABC on Sunday, it is likely the 21-day free trial offer will remain available at least through Sunday.

One of the good things about YouTube TV’s extended free trials is that they don’t tend to affect the availability of other promotions. For example, YouTube TV has been offering a $10 a month discount on the first three months ($30 in total) for some time now. Not only will those signing up now benefit from a longer free trial, but they will also be able to take advantage of the $10 discount, providing they remain subscribers once the free trial comes to an end.

For those unsure of whether YouTube TV is the right live TV streaming service for them, many seem to think it is the best option. After all, more than eight million now get their TV through YouTube TV, making it the most popular live TV streaming service in the U.S., and by some margin.

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