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No, You Can’t Get NFL Network On DirecTV Stream

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If you’re already subscribed to DirecTV Stream, or considering signing up, NFL Network is not available with a subscription. While DirecTV Stream is a good option for channels (and sports) in general, there are some notable channels missing from the lineup, and NFL Network is a prime example.


Still, there are other services that do provide access to NFL Network and at a much cheaper price than DirecTV Stream.

DirecTV Stream offers four different plans to choose from. The cheapest is Entertainment which unlocks access to more than 75 channels. Choice increases the channel selection to more than 100, and Ultimate increases the number to more than 140. For those wanting the widest selection of channels possible, DirecTV Stream’s Premier plan opens up more than 150.


In spite of so many plans to choose from, and with as many as 150 channels on offer, it may be surprising that NFL Network is not one of the channels available through DirecTV Stream. That is currently the way things stand, and it seems unlikely that NFL Network will become available through DirecTV Stream in the future either.

While it is possible that DirecTV Stream could add NFL Network down the road, this is one of the channels that was previously available and dropped by the service. Technically, DirecTV Stream has never offered NFL Network as the channel was only available while the service was known as DirecTV Now. In April of 2019, AT&T (the owner at the time) failed to agree a new carriage deal resulting in the NFL Network being removed from the DirecTV Now lineup.


Considering it was previously available and dropped, there’s no reason to suggest the channel will be added at a later time.

NFL Network alternate options

watch NFL Network

For homes that want to stick with DirecTV Stream, there’s currently no way to add NFL Network to any of the plans. However, a standalone ESPN Plus subscription might help to fill in some of the NFL gaps. While ESPN Plus provides access to very few live games during the season, subscribers can watch live studio shows and on-demand original programming throughout the year.

ESPN Plus costs $9.99 per month on its own or can be bundled with basic Hulu and Disney Plus for as little as $12.99 per month, making it a good way to increase the amount of NFL content a DirecTV Stream subscriber has access to.

For those homes that do want a live TV plan that actually includes NFL Network, an alternative to DirecTV Stream will be required. At present, the cheapest way to get NFL Network with a live TV plan is Sling TV. Through Sling, the monthly price comes to $40, which is a lower monthly cost than the cheapest DirecTV Stream plan. Of course, the rest of the channel lineup will be different, so homes will want to make sure the other channels also suit their needs before signing up to Sling.


There are two main Sling plans to choose from, and while both are priced at $40 per month each, NFL Network is only included with the Sling Blue package. If access to Monday Night Football is also wanted, NFL fans should consider subscribing to the combined Sling Orange & Blue plan at $55 per month. ESPN is only included with the Sling Orange plan, so bundling the two together is the best way to get NFL Network and ESPN through Sling.

If in need of even more NFL, Sling also offers NFL RedZone as part of its Sports Extra add-on. Sports Extra costs an additional $11 per month when added to Sling Blue, and $15 per month when added to Sling Orange & Blue.


Alternatively, Vidgo also offers live TV plans with NFL Network included. Vidgo offers three main packages to choose from – Plus, Premium, and Ultimateand all of them include NFL Network in their lineup. Priced at $59.95 per month, Plus is the cheapest of these plans, and the next cheapest way to get NFL Network with a live TV subscription. If also wanting NFL RedZone, the $79.95 per month Premium plan is the cheapest option through Vidgo.

Hulu Live TV might also be worth considering. Although Hulu Live TV is similar in price to DirecTV Stream, the live TV package does include NFL Network. It also includes access to ESPN Plus as well, unlocking additional NFL content at no extra cost. Hulu Live TV (with ESPN Plus included) costs $69.99 per month. If wanting access to NFL RedZone, the $9.99 per month Sports add-on will need to be bundled with the base plan.

NFL Network on DirecTV Stream summary

DirecTV Stream doesn’t carry NFL Network and it seems unlikely that the channel will be added in the future. NFL Network was previously available through the service when it was operating as DirecTV Now. However, as no carriage agreement was made, the channel was dropped from the lineup in 2019.

Situations like this rarely result in a channel returning, and especially so long after a channel was initially dropped.

For those that want to stick with DirecTV Stream, a standalone ESPN Plus subscription might offer enough NFL content to be worth adding to a home’s streaming setup. ESPN Plus currently costs $9.99 per month or $12.99 per month when bundled with Hulu and Disney Plus.

For those that want a live TV plan that includes NFL Network, Sling TV ($40 per month for Sling Blue) and Vidgo ($59.95 per month for Plus) are currently the two cheapest options.

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