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PS5 Owners Can Still Get 6 Months Of Apple TV+ For Free, But Time Is Running Out (And Yes, It Stacks)


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PlayStation 5 owners can still get six months of Apple TV+ for free, but time is running out. While this promotion first became available back in 2021, eligible PS5 owners only have up until the end of this month to redeem the offer.

Apple TV Plus is a good subscription service to have access to. Although the catalog was a little limited to begin with, it has grown massively over the years and is now home to a number of popular shows, including Black Bird, For All Mankind, Severance, Shrinking, and Ted Lasso, among others.

For those wanting to take advantage of this offer, redeeming the free six months is fairly easy. Simply turn on the PlayStation 5, download and open the Apple TV app, sign in with an Apple ID (or create an account), and that’s it.

Once signed in, the user will automatically get six months of Apple TV Plus for free instead of the standard 7-day free trial. They should also see the free 6-month offer before signing in or up, so it is possible to confirm the deal before connecting or creating an account.

Considering the cost of an Apple TV Plus subscription is $6.99 per month, PlayStation 5 owners will save $41.94 over the six-month period.

Here are those redeem instructions again:

  1. Turn on PS5
  2. Search for Apple TV app (or locate in “All apps” under “Media“)
  3. Download and open the Apple TV app
  4. Sign in with an Apple ID (or create an Apple ID)
  5. Confirm 6-month free trial

For reference, if you own a PlayStation 4, you can still take advantage of the same offer. However, you will only get three months for free, resulting in a saving of $20.97.

Yes, you can stack this Apple TV Plus offer

If you are already on an Apple TV Plus free trial, or already a paid subscriber, you can still take advantage of this offer. This extended free trial is available to both new and existing Apple TV Plus subscribers and will delay the next payment by six months for existing subscribers.

We are subscribed to the annual Apple TV+ plan and were also able to stack the free six months on top, delaying the annual payment by another six months. Basically, regardless of the promotions you’ve used before, it looks like you can use this one on top of them as well.

The one exception to this is bundled subscriptions. If you are already getting Apple TV+ through a bundle, like Apple One, then you cannot redeem the free six months.

One more point to note for legacy subscribers (those signed up before the price increase), adding the extra six months did require us to agree to renew at the current, higher annual plan rate. Depending on your current renewal price and date, some might feel that they’re better off skipping the free six months.

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